Current Studies

The University of Sydney-led Australian Placental Transfusion Study was a national multicentre trial evaluating whether deferred umbilical cord clamping (placental transfusion), compared to standard cord clamping immediately following birth will improve health outcomes of very preterm. One of the outcomes we examined was the effects on cardiovascular health of babies in the delayed cord clamping vs the standard clamping groups; no differences were found between the two groups. (Funding: National Health and Medical Research Council)


Completed Studies

The DETECT Study evaluated screening very preterm infants for patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), a disorder where a blood vessel in the heart fails to close shortly after birth as it is supposed to. Screening resulted in new evidence showing that 80% of babies born with a small PDA did not require treatment as the PDA closed without any intervention. These results have allowed us to treat PDA in a much more conservative manner, allowing many babies to avoid heart surgery.